If You Want to Be Happy and Free, Don’t Get a Job!


If You Want to Be
Happy and Free,
Don’t Get a Job!

by Emmanuel Okon


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Everyday billions of people around the world trade away their freedom and happiness for a misplaced social conditioning in the name of a “job”. Chances are you have been a victim of this con either directly or indirectly without realizing it. It is possible to escape this misguided conditioning by being “jobless” while still enjoying all the financial security and financial freedom that could be gotten from “getting a job” People go to work 40 hours a week because it provides them with some misguided form of security, and even perhaps with some prestige. To step out of this comforting world, they will need to learn how to get those things from their jobless lifestyle as well. A step by step guide is provided in the book to explain how.

About the Author: Emmanuel Okon

Emmanuel Okon is the author of If You Want To Be Happy And Free, Don’t Get A Job! Which is his first mainstream book. He is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, an educator and motivator. He is a passionate advocate of empowering humanity through sound financial education and literacy.