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The Values Factor by Dr. John Demartini

Based on his landmark research and teachings, Dr. John Demartini has discovered the key to fulfillment in all aspects of life.

What is the most important step you can take to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of? You might think the answer is something like, start saving money, get a better job, find my soul mate, or improve my marriage. Solutions like these might offer temporary satisfaction, but none of them can provide true, lasting fulfillment or help you achieve your unique purpose in life.








Engage! by Karin and Sergio Volo


It’s time to ENGAGE! Learn how business is evolving. You’ll gain insights from 30 progressive companies that are revolutionizing the way we do business—leading to a rise in productivity, profits and employee engagement. Discover the proven formula to how YOUR company can make a positive impact on the planet by using business as a force for good…getting results that will make all your stake holders happy.








Spirit of a Sultan by Ahmad Javid


The Spirit of a Sultan portrays the true account of a saint who shares a great many parallels with Guatama Buddha. Following a man who gave away his wealth, land, and legacy in order to pursue an austere existence in search of the truth while teaching others the realization of God and special meditation techniques, the novel inspires readers everywhere to re-examine their own lives and their relationships with God. Teaching readers around the world the importance of self-realization through God and connecting to him through one’s own heart through Sufi meditation, The Spirit of a Sultan highlights the life-changing teachings of a remarkable man. An uplifting and mystical experience, this fantastic book possesses the rare ability to change readers’ lives for the better.