Obamacare Made Easy

dr taffy-obamacareDo You Have Questions?

What is Obamacare? 
What are the 10 Essential Health Benefits? 
What is the Healthcare Exchange? 
Is there a Penalty if You Don’t Participate? 
Obamacare Made Easy is an easy to read book covering the basics from what is Obamacare, the 10 essential health benefits, where do people apply, what happens if you don’t participate and much more.

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About the author: Dr Taffy Wagner

Dr. Taffy Wagner is a Certified Educator in Personal Finances, Money and Marriage Expert, Regional Sales Director for Ameriplan and a Bestselling Author. She has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Business Journal, Bob Brinker Money Talk, Learnvest.com, The Associated Press, US News and World Report and many other national media regarding personal finances matters and Obamacare. Dr. Wagner conducts seminars for individuals, couples, single parents and small groups regarding personal finances, home ownership, women’s issues and educates consumers about Obamacare. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admin/Management. Dr. Wagner resides in the metro Denver area with her husband, Eric and their twins, Erica and Cody.