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Legends: Nomory

A SciFi/Action-Adventure
by Mohamed Moshrif


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It is 2032 as a Land Cruiser carrying five scientists drives into the Egyptian desert. Inside is Dr. Sarah Michael, a top Egyptologist, and four students thrilled to finally reach their destination after months of searching. Moments later they enter a tomb, hoping it holds the answers they are seeking. Instead, they discover they are trapped inside with nothing to guide them but the voice of a hologram.

As Monar, once Chief Scientist of planet Nomory, spews the story he has been programmed to hold secret for centuries, the scientists are led on a journey through time where they learn about an intra-galactic war and the legends who shaped the history of the world. But after hours in the tomb, the group discovers that Monar is sharing his story for one shocking reason: to help them prepare for an upcoming war in their time.

Legends intertwines the past with the future inside an Egyptian tomb as five scientists realize it is up to them to prevent the destruction of Earth.



Meet The Author: Mohamed Moshrif
Mohamed Moshrif

Mohamed Moshrif has enjoyed reading science fiction since he was a child. Originally a computer scientist and a fan of science & supernatural, Mohamed enjoys pursuing adrenaline rushing activities like skydiving and piloting airplanes as well as more creative pursuits like photography and cooking. He is an avid traveler who has lived in several locations around the world.

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