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The World’s Worst Networker: Lessons Learned By The Best From The Absolute Worst!

by Timothy M. Houston

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They are everywhere!

You can find them at trade shows and the business card exchanges. They attend conferences and seminars, and they have infiltrated networking groups around the world. Chances are you have encountered them or have been their victim. Maybe you’re one of them and don’t even know it!

These are the World’s Worst Networkers. 

Tim Houston and several of the world’s best networkers take an uncensored look at the way some people conduct their business networking, online and offline. Their stories and experiences about these nightmares of networking will teach you how not to network.

You will learn:

— Which Networkers are on The Most Unwanted List and why.

— How to deal with Environmental Disasters.

— Who are the Online Outlaws of networking.

— How to go from being a Networking Mess, to a Success.

Featuring contributions by:

— Dr. Ivan Misner
— Bob Burg
— Susan RoAne
— Robyn Henderson
— Michelle R. Donovan
— and many more!

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