Free this Week: Nellie Mae’s Narrative

Nellie May'sNarrative

Nellie Mae’s Narrative

by Letitia Najieb


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Nellie Mae’s Narrative is an unforgettable story in the fire of jealousy, treachery, and forbidden passion. A woman whose life was planned and executed perfectly by all standards but fell short in the happiness dept., thus the downfall begins.


Nellie Mae’s Narrative is a work of artistic rendition first and foremost of poetic justice. A woman whose life was planned and as it was planned it was short stopped by her desire to reset the clock. Venturing into a world of others’ making, Nellie Mae slid from her pedestal into the vice of the underbelly of society. There she set up housekeeping and through the pleasure and desires of another man, she was duped into losing all that she had acquired.

Life wasn’t so bad for Nellie Mae, she made out pretty well. But her dissatisfaction led to destruction for this beautiful strong willed woman. Her steps led her to that which awaits every soul who steps off the clear middle path into a tumble of worldly endeavors and the vicissitudes that come to them one after another in a turmoil and downward spiral causing her to experience the extreme debauches.

From the Author

The concept for Nellie Mae’s Narrative came to me during my years of talking to a grandmother who had so many friends that she could afford to tell tales of some of their lives. So after hearing about this one and that ones little personal reasons for wanting to distance themselves from their spouses of many years, I came up with the idea of a southern lady, who all these women were, who had been a fabulous person in her upbringing and then made a wonderful marriage and how it wasn’t what she thought it would be. She tossed and turned her life around in varied ways to make sense of her feelings about her husband going to the race tracks, fishing trips, hunting, an the Mardi Gras, or visiting with their relatives in places like China, or Brazil or Trinidad, or Paris and I just used Africa for instance. These men were career servicemen, educated to the teeth, yet they were Porters on trains and Merchant Marines on ships and traveling was in their blood; and these were the outings they would take with their friends. Finally, she decided that whatever she did with herself was his fault and would be left for him to clean up.