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Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. –

Leadership Through a New Lens

by Neena Newberry

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Give Neena Newberry five minutes, and she’ll show you a new way to become a better leader. Then she’ll show you another one. And another one. That’s because each chapter of Newberry’s book — Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Leadership Through a New Lens — takes less than five minutes to read. And each chapter identifies a proven strategy to help leaders take their business results and careers to the next level.

Why “a new lens”? Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Newberry noticed that people do not always see the opportunities in front of them, put what they know into play, or consistently focus on what really gets results.

Newberry invites you to question your leadership — literally. Many of her chapter titles address key questions related to your career: “Is self-care really selfish?” “What’s getting in the way of your success?” “Do you recognize the impact of your strengths?” “Can you afford not to ask for help?” “Are you missing the two most important steps in giving feedback?” And “what guides your leadership?”

What do readers say? Here’s a representative quote from Colleen Barrett, president emeritus of Southwest Airlines: “I think Neena hit a home run with this book, and I hope you will enjoy looking through her ‘new lens.’”

Refocus your vision to achieve leadership success today with Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Neena Newberry is president of the Dallas-based professional leadership development company Newberry Executive Solutions (, author of the WOW! Women On the Way to Peak Performance Program and the book Show Up. Step Up. Step Out., an experienced executive with Deloitte, adjunct professor at SMU Cox School of Business Executive Education, a champion of education reform, and an active board member of several nonprofit organizations.