Secrets of the Marriage Mouse- Find Your Forever Love
in 4 Proven Steps

A Message From The Author: Marcia Reece

If you are looking to unlock the mysterious door to real love and finally find your Forever Love, read on.
Every bit of this offer is designed to make a profound and positive improvement in your life, to intensify your level of happiness, and help you love more abundantly.
My book, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, recounts my journey to find myself and then find my Forever Love (soul mate) after being married for 24 years, growing and selling a very successful toy manufacturing company and then finding myself divorced and alone.  The next 12 years were years of deep introspection and enormous self growth.

In trying to figure out how to find a relationship as successful as my business had been, I applied principles I used to build a multi-million business success in my new business of finding a Forever Love.  My 4 Proven Steps have worked each and every time they are used.  The 4 Proven Steps woven in with the Magic of the Marriage Mouse (a German legend dating back to the early 1800’s) gave me a formula that formed the inception of this book.

What you’ll be discovering in Secrets of the Marriage Mouse
1.      Attract the person who will actually be the RIGHT partner for you
2.      Break through your internal blocks, such as memories of past lovers and heartache that are energetically keeping your Forever Love at a distance
3.      The types of Relationship Rats to run away from
4.      43 Clues to know if you are in a relationship with a Rat. These Clues are generously written and contributed by Katherine Killgallon Michelsen just for readers of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse.
5.      How to forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past and open your heart to the kind of relationship you desire and deserve
6.      Identify what you’re looking for in a Forever Love – and make that happen
7.      Why you’re not finding a mate by hunting for one
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Thanks and happy reading!

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