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A Chloe Zoe Book

Join Chloe Zoe as she finds a very odd hole in her yard and tackles it with a sense of adventure and wonder!

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An early reader for all kids, but at approximately a Grade 1 reading level. Lovingly built using the Kindle Format 8 fixed pages picture book layout, each page contains the text together with an exciting picture of Chloe Zoe and her friends. Read Chloe Zoe on your full color reader, tablet, phone, or computer — just like a regular children’s picture book. Flip through the pages easily (see sample image uploaded above). Genre: Children’s Picture Book Ages 4-8.



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Michael Wills Family

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Michael Wills is a Canadian attorney who in his day job focuses on serious issues involving employment, Labour law and human rights. But when he comes home to his family, his world becomes “certified silly.” He has taken the idea of “projects with the kids” to a whole new level. Michael and his two young daughters have collaborated on a series of “certified silly” children’s books. They have created a series called INDOOR EXPLORER books that are educational and fun guides about animals. His latest book is: Chloe Zoe and the Very Odd Hole.

A Message from Michael:

I’m a husband, father, part-time geek, and full-time lawyer. I own and operate Digital Science Fiction books in my spare time. I love to read, of course. I also like bad science fiction movies, but good ones even more. I have written and published children’s books including Humongous Hippopotamus, Dashing Dolphins, and Six Birds Book. This is a fun activity I enjoy doing with my daughters. Thank you again for considering my books, I hope you enjoy them.