A War Vet Romance Novel by Mary Wallace

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A War Vet Romance

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Unburying Hope – A Literary Fiction Bestseller


Cinematic foray from the ‘ruin porn’ of Detroit to the warming of a young woman’s love life in Hawaii.

In the broken Detroit economy that echoes her own childhood traumas, a young woman falls in love with a wounded Iraq War veteran fighting his hidden addictions. When she finds the courage to follow her dreams to Hawaii, the possibility of healing comes with the arrival of the vet’s recently discovered daughter.


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From Goodreads:

Excellent Brain Candy! I ALWAYS read 3 or 4 books at a time- something hilarious (Jen Lancaster, David Sedaris,Tina Fey,Nora Ephron) a best- seller,a little non-fiction (I’ve been reading The Power of Now of six years,and I’m only on Chapter Four, but I really like it) and I have to slog through my book- club’s selection of the month.”

Unburying Hope” is so addicting that I put my other books aside and pretty much couldn’t do ANYTHING until I learned the fates of Eddie, the mysterious, tortured and smoking hot vet (not the kind who gives your dog his flea meds),Celeste, the hopeful, Motor City-loving grafitti artist, and her fabulous bestie Frank.

The characters are authentic, the plot line is riveting- but- believable, and the book is thought-provoking and just plain fun to read. I can’t really say much more, because of the spoiler alert thing, but trust me- it’s a great read. The day after I read this book I woke up wondering how Frank was doing …..and experienced that post-book disappointment when you remember you finished the book, and you are going to miss your favorite characters.


About the Author – Mary Wallace

MaryWallaceMary Wallace lives in Northern California. She is an early adopter and has blogged and written on tech innovation, social justice and contemporary issues for an international audience. An alum of Squaw Valley Community of Writers, she has written three novels and is working on a romantic series through time. She loves raising her three kids and has put the bumper sticker ‘One People, One Planet, One Future’ on each of her cars through the years. She believes that there is more that unites us than that divides us and hopes for a future energized by love instead of fear. Science is discovering that the heart sends more messages to the brain than vice versa. Here’s hoping for a kinder, gentler human race…


Connect with Mary:

Readers can contact Mary via her website, http://www.marywallace.com and can connect with her thru her website at Facebook at “Mary Wallace Author”, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites as marywallace or Mary Wallace. She is available for Skype or Google Hangout Book Club meetings.