The Guide To Becoming his Woman

Interview with Martez Bowens

author of:
The Guide To Becoming his Woman


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martez bookTell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?
Dating in the new age, putting women in the minds of men


What do you want our audience to know about you?
This is just one topic of many to come, also just a taste of the products I have to offer


How did writing this book help you?
I finally got these thoughts out of my head, when you have great information to share it gets frustrating not be able to share it.


Was it difficult to share your personal experiences with others in this book?
Not at all, I believe personal stories provide the best advice.


Was there someone special in your life that encouraged you to follow your passion?
My grandmother, she taught to have no ceilings when it comes to my dreams and goals


What’s next? Is there something you’re working on now?
Two books, expanding my radio station OneVisionRadio, and a book about an alternative herb.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?
To realize it’s a new age when it comes to dating so sometimes you have to “think outside the box”


About the Author: Martez Bowens

MartezIn 2011, Martez founded One Vision Enterprises. His goal was to create something that brought independent and small businesses to the forefront. Martez also launched his own radio station in 2013. His radio station is veered towards local and independent artist with a variety of indie and urban music. Another accomplishment that Martez has is that he self- published his first E-Book ” The Guide To Becoming His Woman” in 2014. He also plans to release his second book ” Why You Won’t Succeed, Until You Change Now.”

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