Interview with the Inspiring Marilyn Redmond


Interview with the Inspiring
Marilyn Redmond

Author of:

The Real Meaning of 2012 –
Heaven on Earth


How would you describe the amazing work that you do?

I have been blessed with communication to the spirit world. The silent voice inside from meditation guides me and relates information to share in channeling, writing, and counseling others. Some people label this voice as angels, guides, masters, archangels and God. I am fortunate to hear all these voices.


You have been able to trigger dramatic healing in your clients. Can you tell us about the therapies that you do and the types of challenges that you are most effective in treating?

I love to help people heal their medical, relationships, or life problems. When you understand that all conditions represent a fear-based reaction to an event, it is possible then to bring in that incident under hypnosis of the client. As the experience is shared in this altered-state there is less drama to the event than typical talk therapy. In regression the energy can easily shift into a loving resolution by understanding the bigger picture of the circumstances. Releasing the anger and finding forgiveness and compassion for those involved brings harmony and freedom from the past energy. It is like cutting the bonding chains from the past to be able to be available emotionally in the present. The old energy dispels for the love to replace it. You are free from the cause of the condition or issue. I call this Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Past life regression therapy does this on a deeper level. Karma is needing to be resolved in this life to allow experience in your full life in the moment. When seeing how the events played out and why these situations were necessary even if traumatic brings relief and insight into them. The awareness brings healing with forgiveness.

I also use flower essences to support the emotional shifts that need to be unblocked for the energy to flow. They add more loving energy to the person’s being, so they can move into a higher consciousness by accepting why it occurred and how it benefited them, allowing the old negative energy to flow out.


When did you know that this was your calling?

It has evolved over time. I found in counseling, when I knew what the problem was, I instinctively knew how to address it for healing. Then the voices became louder and more explicit. They now lead me through the process and tell me which flower essences to use with the appropriate affirmations to support the essences as the person takes them.

When I began channeling, it became obvious this was a gift. I channel information that provides deeper information to help alleviate the difficulties. John, The Divine, provides the information that may be emotional, from a past life, or a spiritual understanding for the person to apply in their lives. Recently when a woman came for healing, John told her of a past life that was a major basis for her PTSD. The awareness of this information touched her and the energy shift occurred. Her friend even noticed the difference she told me.


What inspired you to write, “The Real Meaning of 2012?”

2012_book_cover-1While channeling on my regular third Saturday of the month, spirit told me the topic they were presenting that day. That afternoon, I was told the information I just presented would be the basis for a book. They wanted more people to become aware of this information. I just followed directions.


Can you explain to us, what 2012 refers to and why we should take note of this at the end of 2014?

2012 refers to the change in energy that happened on Dec. 21 st of that month. More and more light increased coming to earth from beyond to bring up the energy of the planet’s consciousness from dying and fear to living with love. The planet had been dying from the group consciousness on earth of destroying the planet by a lack of conservation and eco friendly treatment of the natural environment and resources. The planet was dying over 70 years ago, and cried for help. For the last 20 years additional light has been sent to the planet to revive its consciousness. The actual shift to the consciousness for a loving existence rather than to die was on Dec. 21, 2012.

With this additional loving energy, we are now moving beyond third dimensional energy of fear with it duality of good, bad, right, wrong, criticism and judgment, into the fifth dimension often called grace, unconditional love, or “Heaven on Earth. “


You describe a coming “heaven on earth.” But we have global illnesses, global warming, political unrest, and religious intolerance & extremism and so many other harsh realities. What would you say to those who have huge doubts simply because the world seems to be getting worse?

Yes, it appears to be getting worse. However, if you go beyond appearances, to the spiritual changes occurring you see that these are coming up to leave the energy of the planet and the people. This negative energy has to become conscious and expressed to leave space for the love to replace it. You are witnessing the end times described in the Bible where the third dimension is exiting or disappearing so that the grace of God will be the influence replacing the past fear. In third dimension, there is illness, unrest, intolerance and extremism because of the darkness in consciousness. However, as these negative energies are released, there is then space for healthiness without disease, peace without war, and unity without conflict.

Yes, the planet’s weather is changing into a Mediterranean environment where our weather will be like heaven on earth. This means the planet is returning to what the Garden of Eden enjoyed before the fall from grace. Below the visual surface, there are shifts of energy in all parts of our lives occurring that will support a love-based society. That will feel like heaven on earth, as the negative energy will leave over the next 20 or so years gradually as more and more healthy energy emerges.


Is there a message here for those whose faith does not embrace the afterlife or the existence of a “heaven?”

Heaven means there is only a loving spirit in which everyone has joy and gratitude living in the presence of that love/God within and all around us. The abundance and prosperity has always been there, it was veiled by the fear of the third dimensional duality and darkness. With the sunlight of the spirit now available to dispel the darkness, heaven will become a reality.

We should take note, as this is a gradual evolution and cannot happen over night. However, when people are aware that they can change to a happy life without fear and worry, they will want to do the inner work to achieve this experience. When your insides match the outsides, the love within and the love around us is accomplished we will become one in this love. Each person has the choice to change his or her lives to align in love.

If we had, a magic wand to do it all at once, our emotional circuit would go poof! You would end up in a hospital. Therefore, a gradual change is necessary, but I suggest you will see it is important to be ready when the final steps are ready.


What do you hope readers will take away from reading “The Real Meaning of 2012?”

I hope everyone will see that they can transform their lives into love by choice. With the abundance of more light coming to earth, they are no longer victims of those controlling our lives. The fear indoctrination for the last several thousand years, is no longer viable. We quit reacting to the outer forces that prevail in controlling and manipulating us to go within for guidance and claim our source. It does not matter the label for this beneficent energy within the universe and us. Whatever name as God, love, a Creative Intelligence, or the Spirit of the Universe, makes no difference. We can all come together into the peace on earth we have always wanted. We can all join in the 1000 years of peace that is evolving.


What do you recommend to those who are in the throws of chaos and challenge but are eager to transition to a happier mindset? What can they do to change their perceptions and circumstances?

Our lives are always about choice. Since we cannot serve two masters, it is necessary always to choose love, God or your own description of God. This will sustain you as you align in the higher positive energy. You can remember that this is a lesson once again to make that choice of not reacting from fear but to respond in love and move beyond into new lessons. People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be, said Abraham Lincoln. I find that to be true. Are you going to listen to the fearful messages from the ego, or move into the love found in your heart?


You have written other helpful books. Can you tell us a bit about your other publications?

Yes, my first book was, “Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement on evolving from pain to joy. “ It is a poetry book that chronicles my painful past into finding God. The book has helped many on the path through their struggles to see they are not the only one, having these unbearable situations and lessons. It can waken your emotions which is a wonderful opportunity when before we were shut down.

My E-books cover spiritual solutions for spiritual growth. “Spiritual Alignment, Are you ready for 2012” further adds additional information to the topic of the “Real Meaning of 2012”. “Incest, Love Heals the Soul” shares my experience and solution. Too many people do not have information to change and reclaim their souls and identities. I counsel many in this predicament.

The E-book, “Peace on Earth, Finding a New Life” has valuable information showing how to achieve you own inner peace on earth from being a victim. “Vasanas: The Gifts that Show Us the Way” explains that your lessons actually are the issues you need to heal to move forward in your spiritual growth. “All Time Victim: Domestic Violence” is the story that won an
international writing contest for me. It brings hope to those in domestic violence.

My forthcoming book is, “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You”. It is a companion to the book “The Real Meaning to 2012”. It is the ultimate “how to” book for the steps to actually take for moving out of the past, fear, and traumas of the ego. Examples and answers for many lessons in life are represented in this book. Real stories of those who have moved into a healthy, happy life through doing the work outlined in this book are shared. I hope to have it out before the end of this year.



You have done so much to enlighten and to bring about healing. What are you working on now?

I am finishing the book I just mentioned. I talk every week with another author in Australia as we are putting together an audio and CD series of discussions for people to enjoy and hear information to improve their lives. I also have clients for counseling, do readings, offer free healings each week, and do art commissions and my covers to my books.


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