Conversations with Vietnam Heroes

Mack Payne - convos with vets
Conversations with Vietnam Heroes:

Stories about the Vietnam War you never heard in school. (Conversations) (Volume 1)

by Mack W. Payne

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At Last, a Book That Tells the Real Story About Vietnam Veterans
“I was deeply impressed with not only the candor, realism and patriotism of each Veteran; but also, of what they achieved with their lives after Vietnam.” Jay M. Garner, Lt.Gen (Ret), US Army “Your first book was GOOD but this book is “GREAT” and ” AWESOME”. John Wechsler, Vietnam Vet


“Mack Payne is a conversationalist. That means he listens. That’s a rare quality nowadays when yakking and yelling are the norm. But Mack does more than listen. He’s genuinely interested in others, particularly veterans.” Jim Lamb, Vietnam Vet and author Mack Payne’s gripping conversations with a rich cast of nine Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force veterans in his latest book, Conversations with Vietnam Heroes, clearly depicts how the Vietnam War generation is as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty. They fought with dedication to their comrades in arms and to their country. Their vivid accounts and combat-related stories, so well depicted in this book, are portrayed with stirring human drama and emotion. But most importantly, it shows the strength, courage and determination to make a difference and not let the war take away from a productive and rewarding life. Reading the stories of these heroes is hard, but hearing how they overcame is inspiring. A look inside this book provides a glimpse of the sacrifices and dedication it takes to be a soldier—the candor, realism, and patriotism of each veteran and all they endured during the war and throughout life.