How to Increase Book Sales by Diana Loera

Diana Loera - Help My book isnt sellingHelp! My Book Isn’t Selling

The Author’s Guide to Increasing Book Sales:
How to Increase Book Sales

by Book Marketing Expert -Diana Loera


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As a long time direct response (infomercial) marketer and scriptwriter turned author, Diana Loera knows firsthand that there is much more needed to make a steady flow of book sales than most people realize.

In this informative book for authors, Diana walks you through – step by step – the process to determine what may be the reason that your book isn’t selling. She then helps you get your book on the fast track to sales.

You’ll learn about the two hottest marketing avenues right now and how successful authors are using them to catapult book sales. Plus you’ll take a close look at your book and ensure there isn’t a tiny hidden flaw that could be your barrier to sales. Diana is the author of over a dozen books from recipes to health to marketing to wholesale and more.

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