MASH UP – SATIRE: Frankenstein, or The Modern Washingtonian: The Walton Letters


Frankenstein, or The Modern Washingtonian: The Walton Letters


A Satire / Mash Up / Humor Book
by Liam James Leaven & Mary Shelley


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“By slow degrees he recovered, and ate a little soup, which restored him wonderfully, although not without incessant declarations of how it did not compare to the butternut squash potage at Marcel’s.”

In this 7,300 word mash-up re-telling of the Walton Letters that introduce Mary Shelley’s classic gothic horror novel, Robert Walton, an underachieving pot dealer from Spokane, navigates a beat up RV towards Las Vegas with noble plans to save the family home from foreclosure. One evening while stuck in the desert en route, he and his crew witness a giant figure gliding across the desert horizon, “as if propelled by some magical force.” Their first inclination, that it might just be the weed, is extinguished the next morning when another figure — an emaciated Victor Frankenstein, corrupt Washington super-lobbyist extraordinaire — bangs his failing Segway into their RV and falls to the ground, before asking for an espresso. An incredible request for a man in such a state, particularly given the nightmarish dream of revenge that he is chasing after, a dream that will be recounted in a full mash-up edition of Frankenstein to be released during the 2016 election season: that of creating the perfect presidential candidate out of individual body parts, each sponsored by special interest groups and corporations that gain control of a percentage of the candidate’s brain, based upon how much they contribute.

Some friendships with young Pentagon aids who work in top-secret Robotic Humanoid Intelligence departments are not strategic, others are.


About the Author: Liam James Leaven

Liam James Leaven is the name of a computer program that travels through the ethereal Space of Cyber, posting random musings at binary will at some of the world’s most preeminent think tanks and thought gathering grounds. Recently, in a flash of Avatar-esque genius, Liam James Leaven’s programmer recruited a goofy looking bloke to hook a motherboard and WiFi connection to his brain and be Liam James Leaven’s tactile connection to the real world.

While Liam James Leaven leaps from WiFi to cable modem to Ethernet connection, leaving a trail of woeful ruminations in his path, his avatar travels the streets, roads, paths and alleyways of the world, peddling hard copies of the program’s RNG-generated musings. Together, Liam James Leaven and his avatar hope to one day conquer the world, take all the stuff, recede to their compound and build a big fence

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