The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer by Leon Forte



The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer

by Leon Forte


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The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer – Save $150,000 to $200,000 in a working lifetime without scrimping buying what you want on the same salary you have now.


Easy techniques for the average person to save $200,000 over a working life without scrimping or sacrificing.

Buy the same goods and services you’re using while saving large amounts of money.

Shop in many of the same stores right in your area.

Have more cash in your wallet and have more money saved. Owe less money.

Anybody with a high school education can easily learn to become An Intelligent Consumer.

Everything is covered, from food, clothes, and cars to buying or remodeling a house.

Learn to spot when you’re being played for the fool.


About the Author – Leon Forte

leon forteLeon Forte was born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrant parents. He managed his father’s shoe store at the age of 16 while still in High School. Then at the age of 31 he opened a restaurant. At 35, tired of working 16 hours a day, he went into sales and soon afterwards into mortgage banking. He held various sales positions as well as opening one of the first virtual retail stores on the internet. After opening his own real estate and mortgage company, he delved into real estate investing. He worked with appraisers and appraised properties for attorneys, bought and sold real estate and originated and processed mortgage loans for many years. After a devastating illness and losing everything he worked on getting it all back. He did. He wrote the book The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer. He created a formula so any individual can purchase anything for less which equates to a richer life on the same salary. In addition, the show all book exposes the mind tricks salespeople and advertisers apply to separate you from your money.


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