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Strength is Ageless:

The 90-Day Options
Strength Fitness Beginners Guide
for Women 40 and Over


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Strength is Ageless? Yes, it is. It’s a grandmother with biceps. It’s a cancer victim who helps herself to heal. It’s women used to caring for others, now caring for themselves. It’s about fighting bone loss, rebuilding muscle and renewing the joy of living an active, independent life.

Strength is Ageless is a comprehensive, user-friendly, strength training guide, based on the best recent research and over thirty years of coaching. Kriss Brooks gives practical, simple directions on how you can be your best at any age. This weightlifting regimen includes a detailed step by step explanation of the Options Strength Fitness Program, for the beginner, that can help you get into better shape in just 90 days. You don’t have to wait to join a gym. You can start immediately, at home.

Kriss shows you how to train safely with weights. She also helps you identify the practical, emotional and even spiritual barriers that get in the way of taking the best possible care of yourself throughout your lifetime.

The personal stories will uplift and inspire you to achieve those strong and healthy later years. Read about the strong and beautiful women who raised the bar on womanhood and changed the culture and society, in the past, to make it possible for women to reach new heights today.

Whether you are 17 or 97, the lessons in Strength is Ageless will convince you that your future as a vibrant, active person is in your hands. This book will set your feet on the road to become stronger, healthier and stay active and independent no matter your age.

From this moment on, every voice that has said, “you can’t”, “it’s too late” or “why bother”, is silenced.

If you are ready to stop ignoring the well established principles of self-care and optimum fitness, start by giving yourself the gift of strength – ageless strength.