A Trinity of Blood (Book One of The Kielto Saga) Vampires

 A Trinity of Blood

(Book One of The Kielto Saga)


It’s been more than two hundred years since she won her freedom from the Kielto, a powerful and secretive vampire order, but Angel has spent her time wisely since then. She is the vampire guardian of London, a duty she willingly accepted when she diverged from her Maker’s path of darkness, to emerge as a Daywalker into the light.

When an old enemy arrives in London, it’s Angel’s job to hunt her down and find out why the Kielto are interested in London again. Her hunt leads her to an old prophecy, and a handsome young man who may be the key to saving humanity from the Darkness. To protect Josh means that she’ll have to face the Kielto head-on again for the first time in centuries, but when push comes to shove Angel may not have a choice.  London is her city, and she’s sworn to protect it at any cost.

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About The Author:  Alex Ephgrave

What can I say about me? I am a creative individual who plays electric/acoustic guitar to professional level and have a Fine Art degree in sculpture. I have enjoyed writing fiction and vampire paranormal stories since I was in my teens.
My main inspirations for writing are the genius of Stieg Larsson who wrote the infamous ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ series and also Twilight’s author Stephanie Meyer whose incredible books are addictive page turners.

‘A Trinity of Blood (Book One of The Kielto Saga)’ is my first published story on Kindle. I loved creating it: bringing all these mysterious characters together and setting them in London, surely one of the most atmospheric and exciting cities on earth, where they play out a series of events that keep you turning that page! Part Two will be out very soon.

Connect with Alex on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/Kindle_Alex_E