Romance/Suspense: The Fantasy Maker

Emily Kendricks - The Fantasy Maker

The Fantasy Maker


by Emily Kendricks


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On the outside Steve and Emma are the epitome of a young Power Couple. Success, wealth and a budding political career keep the two in the center of the public eye. Behind closed doors, the frustration of the faithful young wife and mother drives her beyond infidelity and into the dimly lit portals of “The Ranch”, a high priced ‘members only’ club where the wives of the rich and powerful secretly visit for mani-pedi’s, full body massages… and tantalizing pleasures limited only by one’s inhibitions. No fantasy is denied, but Emma is not prepared for the unthinkable… falling in love with her fantasy maker. What follows next not only threatens to expose the existence of ‘The Ranch’ and its prominent members, but destroy the career of one of the most promising young politicians in the state.


About the Author: Emily Kendricks

Emily Kendricks is a freelance writer of romantic crime fiction and a member of the AIA. She grew up in the smoggy steel town of Pittsburgh, PA, where she never felt she quite fit in. Soon after completing her education at The Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Law Enforcement and Corrections, she married and moved to New York City with her new husband. She’d finally found where she fit in! Here, she started a new life as wife and mother. Despite her love for reading great crime novels, Emily found that she preferred making up her own stories – complete with edge-of-your-seat endings! As a young girl, she ingested large doses of Eliot Ness and his Untouchables chased by straight shots of Peyton Place, all of which laid the foundation for her love of sexy crime novels. Her focus is on strong female character development and compelling storylines. Emily is a widowed mother of two daughters and one granddaughter. She lives with her ShihTzu, Lola.