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Gwyn Charlett - Judy

Judy The Big Hearted Heroine

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In 1946 Judy arrived in Great Britain and was awarded the Dicken Medal which is the highest bravery award for animals and went on to live another 4 years with fellow POW survivor and “best friend” Frank Williams in Britain and Africa.

In this incredible true story “Judy” the heroine of the book narrates her own version of her life.

Her amazing life started precariously as a young pup living rough on the streets of Shanghai where any food and comfort was in short supply. She had the great good fortune to be rescued from the streets by a young Chinese girl called Lee Ming and a few days later a chance meeting with some British sailors visiting her dog pound changed her life for ever.

Judy tells us of her early idyllic, carefree years as a dog mascot aboard the British Gun Boat HMS Gnat, life was good for Judy until Japanese aggression in China spilled out to full blown war in Asia and the Pacific. Judy’s many adventures include:

  • Nearly drowning after falling into the river from the deck the HMS Gnat
  • Being bombed and sunk while on board HMS Grasshopper
  • Surviving a 200 forced march through jungle trying to reach the last of the rescue boats in Padang, Indonesia
  • Surviving another sinking in boat that was torpedoed in the Malacca Strait
  • On top of all that she went on to survive 3 brutal years in various Japanese POW camps

˃˃˃ Liberation and freedom