A Curse upon the Saints – a fantasy

A Curse upon the Saints

(Dogma, Souls, and Chains Book 1)

by J. Rutger Madison


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“We were fighting a typical religious war until the goat-­men arrived.”

For eight years war raged between the armies of King Traden of Garmundland, convert to the Church of the Holy Family, and those united with the Holy Church of Nasir, the one true god. Victory was in the Nasirians’ grasp as they lay siege to the pagan city of Silverwic. The cannon were in place to begin the final assault.

That’s when the Sarbarah, a race of slavers, entered the war. The “goat-men,” who once enslaved the human race for thousands of years, threatened to reconquer the lands they had lost.

Now a devout priestess, a war-weary soldier, and a devoted father must join forces to stop an alliance between the Sarbarah and a corrupt cardinal. Can the faithful of both religions unite in the face of this new threat to humanity?


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