FREE: Paranormal SciFi Fantasy: In the Shadow of the Earth

JP Borders - In The Shadow

In the Shadow of the Earth

(The Gods in Hiding)

 by JP Borders


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Science meets magic, and the true nature of reality is revealed!

What if reality isn’t as rigid as we think it is?
Professor Jim Canter was tormented by memories of his devastating failure as a physicist. The experiment that should have proven his radical, world-changing theory had instead ended in universal accusations of fraud and deceit.

What if the laws of physics are flexible?
Clinging hopelessly to the remnants of his shattered career, he is forced to consider an incredible idea proposed by a mysterious new graduate student. Mika convinces him to try a final experiment, one that could show an unprecedented link between reality and the human mind, opening the door to possibilities beyond anything Jim had ever imagined.

What if science really can explain magic?
The outcome leads them both into a terrifying confrontation with an organization of ancient, undead creatures dedicated to keeping these secrets for themselves, and who may present an even greater threat to all of mankind.

What if the gods actually did exist? What if they still do?
Now they must race against time to find a way to protect themselves from an enemy that cannot be seen or touched, one that has been preparing for untold thousands of years.


About the Author:  J.P. Borders

J.P. Borders was born in Indiana, and became obsessed with science fiction and fantasy at an early age. He spent his teenage years working in the family construction business, rebuilding cars, and reading everything he could find. He studied physics in college, and earned his PhD while participating in one of the experiments that co-discovered the top quark. During this time he realized he had a true passion for computer programming, and has spent the years since as a C++/C#/Java developer/architect in the financial industry.

It was almost by accident that he started writing stories of his own, and has begun an ambitious cycle of books, The Gods in Hiding. The series is based upon physics, computers, and the direct manipulation of reality by the human mind. Unfortunately he can only claim expertise in two of these three topics, but hopes you will overlook his inexperience with the third.

J.P. Borders lives in Connecticut with his wife and two children.