Joe Peace – Neo Noir Action SuspenseThriller

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Joe Peace

by Kerry Dunn

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Twenty years ago, Joe Peace was an ace homicide investigator for the Austin Police Department, until his penchant for cocaine and a disastrous affair with his partner Cassie buries him at the bottom of the APD’s burnout brigade. When the psychotic founder of the most powerful drug cartel convinces Joe the cash is greener on the other side of the fence, Joe becomes a player in the drug scene, buys a mansion, and collects beautiful coeds like butterflies, but the party ends when new details of Cassie’s death surface, opening wounds long scarred over. Other crews muscle in on Joe’s operation, and he’s trapped in the twilight between the cops-who want to take him down-and the kingpins of the street-who want to take him out.JOE PEACE is a gallows-humored tale of revenge and redemption with noir-like dialogue and slippery morals, along with action, suspense, and soul.

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