Just Call Me Madam – The Life of Jenny Wren


Just Call Me Madam

The Life of Jenny Wren

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A Message from the Author:

Jenny Wren

My name is Jenny Wren. I was born in 1949 at Big Bell a small mining town in central Western Australia which is now a ghost town. I was the second oldest of four children. Our early family life was both poor in money but rich in family. I was married at sixteen and a mother at seventeen. I have three children, five grand children and one great grandchild and am now married for a second time.


My life experiences have led me on many paths, notably into the sex industry. This book contains nearly all of my ups and downs in a packed life to date. I am now traveling around Australia with my husband enjoying the many things this great country has to offer, which is a far cry from days gone by. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.