Booklaunch News: When You Get There by Jennifer Carroll

hasmark-jennifer carrollOvercome Any Hardship and Challenge Through an Unbreakable Sense of Faith and Strength

In her new book, When You Get There, former Florida Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll, shares penetrating insights into how she was able to break down barriers and rise to the top of male-dominated cultures within the U.S. Navy and Florida state politics. As she encountered greater resistance the higher she climbed, Mrs. Carroll relied on her family and strong faith in God to overcome numerous private and public attacks. This included unsubstantiated media reports that openly questioned her character and honesty while serving as Florida’s Lieutenant Governor. In addition, you’ll learn that bad news need never be the final chapter in your life. Through When You Get There, you’ll realize that the toughest of times can be gateways that lead to something better than you could have ever imagined for yourself.

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