Journey To Butterfly with Life Coach Janet Dunnagan

“You Get It When You Get It

..…my journey from caterpillar to butterfly

By Janet Dunnagan


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This book is about one woman’s life journey and what she learned about herself along the way. The author openly and honestly shares some of her personal transformational experiences and life lessons in hopes that they might help the reader discover something within them that moves them to a better understanding and celebration of who they truly are.

We each begin our journeys on this earth somewhat naïve and innocent, and have many opportunities with each life experience to transform into amazing butterfly beings.  Every relationship and event that we encounter offers a fabulous chance for us to become a stronger and wiser version of our truest selves.  Each of us has powerful stories to share, and we become more grace-filled through the telling of them.

There is a Reflections for You section at the end of each chapter to serve as a guide that enables the reader to review and perhaps re-evaluate some of their own stories.  The author says that “there is much I discovered about myself by stretching way beyond my comfort zones and putting my energy toward becoming a more enlightened me.  Maybe it will be the same for the reader too.”

The world as many of us knew it began to change pretty dramatically in 2008, and Janet has included many of the insights that sprouted up for her as a result.  The economy tanked; she lost her job; formed a business with her husband; was doing tasks every day that weren’t “fueling” her, and she was flat broke.  So many opportunities to crash and burn – or to survive and thrive!

She received an unexpected gift during the course of the writing of this book.  By digging deeper into her experiences, she became more aware of her truest truths.  Perhaps you too will discover something about yourself.  It would be the best re-gift she says she could possibly imagine sharing with anyone!

The synopsis of “You Get It When You Get It…my journey from caterpillar to butterfly” is simply this.  How different would your world be if every time you looked into a mirror, you saw your best friend looking back at you?

The companion “My caterpillar to butterfly journal” is a perfect complement to this book.  For easy reference, Janet has included the chapter questions in the journal as well should you decide that journaling is an effective tool for you on your journey of self-discovery.

How amazing would this world be if more of us realized just how magnificent we already are?  Janet’s life’s purpose is to be a light and support for others on their journey of self-discovery.



About the author

janet dunnaganJanet Dunnagan was born in 1951 and was raised in Whittier, California.   Janet hasn’t been a believer in staying put for long and has not only called about a half dozen cities in the Los Angeles area home, but she’s also lived in Honolulu, Seattle, Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas.  A lover of travel and exploration, Janet has been to 26 of the 50 states, and to 15 foreign countries.  She has been married several times and thanks each of her ex-husbands for the myriad of opportunities they each provided her on her journey to self-awareness.

Her non-linear pathway through life has overflowed with many amazing friends and relationships that have each played a valued and important role in her life.  She has held over 35 unique and wonderfully challenging jobs that were rarely ever boring.  She didn’t understand her life’s purpose until she was nearing 60 years old.  “Wow,” she says, “so that’s what having a purpose feels like?”

She believes that each and every experience and relationship she’s had in her lifetime have lead her exactly where  she was supposed to go, and allowed her to become the woman she was intended to be.  She and her husband Tim formed a business together in 2008 and the subsequent four years overflowed with some dramatic and inspirational life lessons.    In February 2011, Janet decided to write her memoir.  Upon its completion, and after sitting with the story for a few months, she realized that she needed to write the memoir so that she could uncover her own truest truths, although she says that she was initially drawn to write her memoir because she thought she already had those insights!  She says that she wrote the first book so that she could write and publish the right book.

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