An Orphan’s Adventure by 2 Amazing Educators

Jan-Bart-Williamson- It is what it isIt Is What It Is:

Ashes, Ashes, We All Rise Up


An Intriguing Novel About an Orphan’s Adventures – from 2 amazing educators who have traveled the world to work with children.


Jan and Bart Williamson

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What would you do if you lost everything at age thirteen? When this happens to David, he has to a make a choice to be bitter and let life’s situation bring him down or learn and grow. To make matters worse, he is also saddled with being responsible for his stubborn little brother, Sam.

The real adventure begins when they are moved to a Texas orphanage called Boy’s Ranch. There they meet the people (both good and bad) who will help shape their lives. David meets his best friends, the love of his life, and his worst nightmares while trying to establish a new family.

Before he knows it, he becomes the head of a family of broken kids who have been thrown away. They band together, learn to trust, have crazy escapades, and find hope and faith to help them on their way.

Just when it seems that everything is coming together, it all falls apart.