Jack Canon’s American Destiny by Greg Sandora

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Jack Canon’s American Destiny

by Greg Sandora



A Gripping Thriller

It’s the steamy summer of 2016 in Washington, D.C. just days before the Democratic National Convention. A long and painful recession has left ordinary Americans suffering, spawning the hottest Presidential Contest in history. Jack Canon, a man born into privilege, a witness to great social injustice is going to be President of the United States–no matter what! Desperate and corrupt, the leader of the free world orders a hit to slow him down. The plan backfires–the wrong people are dead–a manhunt points to the unthinkable–The President of the United States.
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About the Author: Greg Sandora

greg sandoraGreg’s Dad and Mom were artists, his father painted and his mother wrote poetry and loved to garden. Most Saturdays the family loaded up the 1970 Chevy Impala to trek to a one man show somewhere or other. Greg took a different track graduating with a business degree; owning and operating an Award Winning Franchise Fitness Center. Currently a professional manager Greg is living in Florida with his beautiful wife and children, and following his passion.
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