Interview with Christopher Doyle
Author of: Parenting Secrets From The Dojo

Parenting Secrets From The Dojo:
Simple Tips for Building Confidence, Dealing with Bullies &
Raising Your Child to Be The Best They Can

by Christopher Doyle

This short but effective book reveals numerous powerful, yet easy-to-adapt strategies that you can use right away to be a more successful and influential parent.
Inside You’ll Find Out…

•How To Help Your Child Set Goals
•Secrets for Improved Communication
•Ideas to Help Your Child Be a Better Listener
•The Magic of Self-Discipline & How to Develop It
•Keys to Teaching Responsibility
•How to Practice True Positive Thinking
•Strategies for Dealing With Bullies & Resisting Peer Pressure

Chapter Titles
Chapter 1 It All Begins With You
Chapter 2 To Discourage or to Encourage: That is the question!
Chapter 3 Keys to Raising Your Child for Success
Chapter 4 The Predictor of Their Future?
Chapter 5 Parent Leaders are Good Communicators
Chapter 6 Always Be Ready to Talk to Your Child
Chapter 7 Teach Your Child How to Set Goals
Chapter 8 Self-Discipline for Children
Chapter 9 What are We Thinking?
Chapter 10 The Listening Posture
Chapter 11 Dealing with Bullies
Chapter 12 Dealing with Bullies…continued
Chapter 13 How to Overcome “Shyness” and Build Confidence
Chapter 14 I Hope My Ship Comes in Before the Dock Rots
Chapter 15 Teaching Good Sportsmanship
Chapter 16 Learning to Listen and Communicate
Chapter 17 Persuasive Skills for Parents
Chapter 18 Five Keys to Raising a Happy, Healthy and Successful Child
Chapter 19 Imprints in our Mind
Chapter 20 The Bamboo Farmer
Chapter 21 Yappie, Dabble, Do…
Chapter 22 You Now Have a Winning Combination


Meet The Author Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle is a Martial Arts Educator, Author, Speaker, and Business Owner. He started his professional martial arts academy at age 23 and with the help of his wife, Lesa, has grown to be known as the “Best Club in the City.”

He speaks to corporations, schools, organizations and associations on a wide variety of topics including Achievement, Personal Protection, Conflict Management, Leadership and Teamwork. Chris’ realistic, compelling and entertaining ideas and suggestions are based on his years of genuine experience and constantly striving for personal improvement and growth.

Through his efforts as a personal safety expert and child safety instructor, Chris has been featured in or on Canada AM, Breakfast Television, AM 640, AM 1010, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life magazine, and The National Post.