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I Call Shotgun

by Tommy Newberry & Curt Beavers

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I Call Shotgun will help you to instill character in the boys who are growing into men right before your eyes—and it might just sharpen your own character in the process.


Shooting from the heart, Tommy Newberry and Curt Beavers – men of faith, influencers, entrepreneurs, and battle-tested dads themselves – offer an engaging, unpredictable, and highly personal collection of potent insights, a just-in-time antidote to the empty counterfeits that today’s culture tries to pass off as wisdom.

Written as letters from the authors to their own sons, this book’s sixty-four bite-size chapters cover a wide range of territory, from courage and compassion to finance and faith, from peer pressure and patriotism to hard work and humility.

The life lessons within these pages teach sons how to:
• Cultivate Integrity
• Follow True North
• Avoid Victimitis
• Seek God First
• Make No Excuses…and Much More!

About the Authors

Curt Beavers is the president of Network Support Enterprises and one of the top ten distributors of Juice Plus worldwide. More than dollars and cents, Curt’s overriding passion is using business as a platform for ministry, bringing the Gospel to the marketplace. Married for twenty-five years and a graduate of Georgia Tech, Curt lives just outside Atlanta with his wife, Lori, and their three children.

Tommy Newberry is the New York Times bestselling author of The 4:8 Principle, Success Is Not an Accident, and The War on Success. He’s the founder of The 1% Club, a life-coaching firm equipping entrepreneurs and their families to live on purpose. His clients include hundreds of small business owners, as well as numerous corporate giants. Tommy lives in Atlanta with his wife, Kristin and their three boys.

Connect with the Authors:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/curtbeavers  and  https://twitter.com/godmadeafather

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icallshotgunbook