Showcase Author this week: Stacey Brooks
A Treat for Fans of Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires


Hybrid -The Dark Flame

by Stacey Brooks
Fantasy Paranormal, Vampires
What was once scientifically impossible now becomes a reality. A Vampire isn’t just what she seems. An Angel holds the key to her new understanding. The Fallen will take it away. Four Hybrids will change the way paranormals exist. First they have to be found then they will have to find a way to work together, if they survive, to make the ultimate prophecy come true. Who will stand beside them and who will stand against them?

Marley is not what you would call a normal Vampire. She hates feeding on Humans, she can watch the sun setting and her best friend is a Werewolf. Things take a turn for the worst, when the evil Lord of the Fallen Angels wants her dead. But who will save her ? An angel from the Celestial realm? But Marley is not just a Vampire anymore. Prophecies, Blood, Love, War, Secrets and new powers now try to shape Marley into what she was born to be and what she was born to do for the creatures that live secretly along side Humans.


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* This book was mentioned in our Author Showcase on our Saturday Radio Program, Feb. 2nd. If you missed the show CLICK HERE to listen in now.