WOMEN: Find Sexual Fulfillment And Heal Sexual Trauma

Freedom Through Sex:

How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs,
Find Sexual Fulfillment And Heal Sexual Trauma
(A Guide For Women)

Kyle Hoobin-Freedom through sex

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If You Feel Unable To Express Your Sexuality Freely And Confidently…
If you feel unable to express your sexuality freely and confidently, it is because you have learned that it is dangerous to do so. This perceived danger is sometimes justified, but for the most part it is in place to protect your heart from getting hurt, not your body. Believing that you must constantly protect yourself is what prevents you from experiencing a truly fulfilling life. Breaking down the barriers that have been created by adopting this psychological safety measure is what the essence of this book is all about.

A fulfilling life is one that honors all aspects of ourselves. Many of us adopt self-limiting beliefs as we grow into adulthood which cause us to bury and repress some of these aspects. Unfortunately, it is our sexuality that tends to take the brunt of this repression.

To take the journey to sexual fulfillment requires a willingness to shift the focus back on yourself and recognize what is already available to you here in the present. This is an adventure of the heart, an inward journey where you will need to question the supposed obstacles that you believe are standing in your way.

In Freedom Through Sex, you will be guided through the process of uncovering your self-limiting beliefs by bringing to light the many pitfalls that women often fall victim to as they grow and mature sexually.  You will take part in a process of gentle self-inquiry (self-reflection) so that you can begin to unravel the knots that have been restricting your heart and preventing you from experiencing true fulfillment.

Inside Freedom Through Sex you’ll find:

  • Which relationship patterns are destructive and which ones support your sexual growth
  • How to let go of denial and speak up for what you want
  • Why orgasm is so important
  • How to reach orgasm regularly
  • Common obstacles to sexual fulfillment
  • How to master the art of love communication with your partner
  • How to embrace the art of foreplay and pleasure
  • Dating and relationship advice for women
  • And much more!