High Above Each Cloud

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High Above Each Cloud


An Enchanting Children’s Book That Captivates PreSchoolers and Effortlessly Expands Comprehension and Vocabulary


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by Roee Anuar


Sun and Moon have started pouting, she is yelling, he is shouting,
both declare and both protest, “I’m the one who’s loved the best!”

Sun has made a bold attempt, “today, at last, I will not set.
I will shine all through the night, then you’ll see that I am right.
But if I am to be mistaken, with the stars I’ll find my haven.
The skies will have just one sole light, a lonely moon, a darkened bright.”

Roee Anuar’s debut book tells the tale of the sun and the moon, both trying to determine who is most preferred by the people of the earth, all with a language that respects children.


Meet the Author: Roee Anuar

Roee AnuarThis book was originally a gift for my 2 kids. I tried to use a rich language and encourage them to ask questions while listening to the story. To my surprise, it went better than I expected. My kids asked for the story again and again. At bedtime while reading the book, they started to remember more parts of it. Now they know the full story by heart. I want to share the joy of watching kids learn and add new words to their vocabulary. I hope you and your kids will enjoy it too.

About the Author
Roee is a father of two,  VP of science in a start-up company, and a PhD student at Tel-Aviv University. He was raised without a father – who died during army service. He and his two brothers were raised by a single mother who believed in educating her children with fun, always buying books, workbooks and riddle books – all with the goal to give her children an advantage in life. She succeeded. All 3 of her sons finished engineering school successfully. And now, Roee as a father of two with his debut book, continues to inspire parents and children to bond and learn with a captivating story.
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