Book Launch News – The 10 Most Important Lessons For Life


Book Launch 5/28 at

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Learn the 10 most important lessons for life
to gain happiness, wealth and satisfaction
for your life!


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What Schools Don’t Teach You:
the 10 Most Important Lessons For Life


by Bestselling Author Hellen Chen


This book will be launched on May 28th Wednesday at

Do you know what kind of life you wish to live?

Are you true to your goals?

Have you lived your life and looked back with no regrets?

These lessons are not taught in school. And no one will ever teach them to you. No certificates are awarded for learning them. But if you don’t learn them, you will never graduate LIFE itself. These lessons are the most important knowledge you should have. They are worth learning for the rest of your life!


About the Author: Hellen Chen

Hellen_Chen2 (2)Two times #1 bestselling author Hellen Chen’s work in career, personal development, marriages and relationships are featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries. She has been a frequent guest on independent and network radio programs and TV shows on FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC, etc.


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