A Must Read Novel – The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes

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A Must Read Novel About A Life in Turmoil – suspense, romance, mystery and crime

The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes

By N.Y. Hawkins


In the beginning, life was good for the Strobey family. They had it all: a beautiful home, more money than you can imagine, and the finest cars…that was until the day of the rape.

The rape of Samantha Strobey at the age of thirteen was to blame for her promiscuous acts, a life threatening abortion, which affected her mentally and physically, and her addiction to drugs. During the procedure for the abortion, she began to hemorrhage a great amount and had to deal with the removal of one of her ovaries. The doctors were not sure if she would be able to have children in the future. These obstacles made life difficult for her. By the age of fifteen, she had already encountered eleven sex partners including her best friend’s boyfriend; Drake.

Life turned its back on Sam, and things had taken a turn for the worst. From the rape to being run over by a car to being plotted against for her money…what would be next? Would she get through these challenges or would the plot against her destroy her…


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Meet the Author: N.Y. Hawkins

First time author N.Y. Hawkins (or Nicole Y. Hawkins) contemplated the idea of becoming an author frequently. It was her dream for many years. However, thinking that her ideas for a book would not be good enough, she chose to write in a journal instead…. every night about her day’s experiences.

Then Her beloved grandmother became ill and just before she passed away, she gave Nicole a little advice. She told her to never quit or give up on a dream that has the potential of becoming a reality. Nicole embedded that advice into her heart and began the process of pursing one of her ultimate dreams; becoming an author.

Nicole wrote her first novel about six years ago while on bed rest during the pregnancy of her second daughter. It started as a bet with her coworkers who challenged her to complete an entire book in six months. The bet became a passion of hers that she couldn’t control. Day and night, she wrote and wrote until she finally finished….. bringing the ending of her book to a close …….in an astonishing six weeks. Nicole is the author of: The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes. A Sequel is underway and The Finale: Intimate Misfortunes will be available soon. Nicole is also the author of: What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away.

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