Have You Been Hurt By The People You Love The Most?


Author: Amy Denise

Amy Denise has always loved writing, and has on several occasions found it to be the only way to successfully express her thoughts. Years of struggles, hardships, and a growing need to tell her tale have brought about her first book, A Woman So Small. A second book will follow the first; continuing the story that has been her life. She is currently living in Georgia with her husband of 18 years, and their twelve year old son.

Amy is the author of a personal family memoir and journey of understanding and forgiveness. Readers will discover the potential and value of revisiting painful experiences to emerge with renewed healing. It is in this healing and forgiveness that invaluable relationships can be repaired and recovered.

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A Woman So Small (Perfect Anguish)

amydenise-bkLife is not always what we want it to be, and it isn’t always fair. Buddy and Darlene find each other as teenagers, quickly fall in love and start their fairy tale life together. It isn’t until their second daughter, Jill finds love that they are all forced to realize that not all good things stay good, or last forever. Love, promises, devotion…..you’re lucky if you get to truly experience them…..not so lucky if they are all taken with no promise of a return. When Jill is forced to face herself and her decisions, she is also presented with the judgments that are so easily placed on those who are least equipped to handle them. The only thing left to do is to go on….maybe not gracefully; certainly not easily.


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