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sm mala - HA_HA

The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha … ends

Romantic Comedy
by S M Mala


FREE March 3 – 5


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Each person is still trying to come to terms of what happened that fateful night when ‘Hurricane Hatty’ took beautiful Hatty away and the devastation and joy it made to their lives.

After six years, further unexpected twists and turns take place for Murray, Delores and Jake, each one carrying their own weight of guilt after Hatty was cruelly swept away… but was she?

Could that really have been the end of Hatty Ha Ha or is someone hiding a secret?

Life’s twists and turns continue in this tale of young and old love, desire and lust set against the backdrop of tropical heat.

Enemies show their real claws and secrets are eventually revealed which will bring great, life changing, joy for some and complete tragedy for others.

The mystery and sexually charged relationships continues until the secret life of Hatty Ha Ha … ends.