A Haddington Manifestation – A British Comedy

A Haddington Manifestation

A British Comedy

by R. J. Davin


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A Haddington Manifestation is a humorous work of fiction set in England during the 1890s and centres around the character of Lord Haddington who suffers from a terrible affliction of great clumsiness so much so that he is known in the area as “Lord Clumsy.” Haddington has been seeking his long lost grandson for some time and now he has two claimants as guests in his house. All the characters have to endure a great deal of trials and tribulations before reaching a happy ending.


About the Author: R J Davin

R J Davin was born and lives in Sydney. He is interested in history and politics, and has a love for the written word. He has an abiding passion for the British Ealing comedies of the 1950s, which had a strong influence on the writing of A Haddington Manifestation.