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The Gray Hound

A Crime Thriller
By Charles L. Mahoney




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The Crime & Reports section of The Arizona Standard newspaper is frustratingly normal – and a little “too soft” for one dogged investigative reporter. With the population in Phoenix pushing one million and the crime rate in steep decline, the time feels right to take a stance on corruption; hard evidence in hand or not. The year is 1976 and the celebration of the Bicentennial is in full swing. All crime is regulated on the western front. That is, until the day arrives for the much anticipated Bicentennial Edition of The Standard, the last issue before a major change is to take place. For what he believes to be his “last hurrah,” Lech Paulowski takes over the front page in order to publish names and faces and crime histories for a select few members of the Mob, linking them all to a greyhound racetrack, and ultimately to a wealthy member of old Arizonan society – a man who prefers to remain untouched inside the barb wire of his isolated desert compound. Corruption is the theme of the second novel by Charles L. Mahoney, author of the literary debut: Story of The Ghost. But is corruption really what it’s all about? Will Lech learn the FBI’s definition and take it to heart? Will he go the proverbial ‘extra-mile’ when pushed to the brink? In true Thriller fashion, The Gray Hound is designed to keep readers guessing from page to page. Nothing is as it seems, even up until the last chapter, the final word.