Interview with LT Graham
Author of a Sexy Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

lt grahamInterview with LT Graham


Is this your first book?

No, but it is the first book I’ve published under the pseudonym L. T. Graham.


Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

I was intrigued at the idea of combining a murder-mystery with an examination of marriage, infidelity and sexual impulses. A steamy mystery seemed like a fun concept. I hope my readers agree.


Is this book part of a series? Do you have related books?

It is the first in a planned series featuring Detective Anthony Walker.


Have you always enjoyed writing?

Yes, ever since I was a small child I have loved writing, telling stories, entertaining people and provoking discussion.


How did writing this book help you?

The examination of people—especially what drives them, and how they behave in difficult situations—these are the things that make fiction writing fun. THE BLUE JOURNAL was especially meaningful for me, as I had a chance to take a serious look at my own marriage, as well as those of my closest friends (hopefully they’re not squirming.


Was there someone special in your life that encouraged you to follow your passion?

Truth is, both of my parents discouraged my fantasy of becoming a writer. They thought it was not a very sensible career choice, and on many levels they were right. However, I had the privilege of some wonderful teachers throughout school who encouraged my earliest dreams, and a creative writing professor in college—S. Leonard Rubenstein—who criticized, and cajoled and ultimately showed me the way.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?

My first hope is that readers find this a compelling, page-turning story. When they are done, I hope for them to take away questions and thoughts about the main themes I have depicted about human relationships and the good and evil urges that drive us.



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The Blue Journal:

An explosive blend of suspense, intrigue and erotica
Critics agree The Blue Journal, by L.T. Graham, is a sexy, solid mystery.



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When Elizabeth Knoebel is found dead of a gunshot wound, the investigation is turned over to Lieutenant Anthony Walker. Formerly a New York City cop, Walker is a man with his own issues, who now serves on the police force of an affluent community in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He lives among the privileged gentry, where he understands that appearances are often far removed from reality.

As Walker untangles the steamy secrets of Elizabeth’s memoir, the threads begin to converge on her psychotherapist. He becomes convinced that Elizabeth’s killer is another of Randi Conway’s patients. But which one?

Publishers Weekly: “Gripping….the action builds to an exciting and unexpected conclusion.

Library Journal: “A crackerjack noir tale featuring a sad man trying to come to terms with a new life.

L. T. Graham is the pen name of a New England-based, highly successful suspense writer who is the author of several novels. Graham is currently at work on the next Detective Anthony Walker novel.
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