A Magical YA Fantasy Adventure ~ The Guardian
by CJ Gosling




Shadowlands: (Book 1) The Guardian

A hidden world, known as the Shadowlands, threatens ours with darkness and magical violence. To protect both worlds, boundary lines were drawn. No one can cross from one to the other without risking open war. After the fire that killed Tavin’s mother, his grief-stricken father disappeared, abandoning him and his sister Moreanna. Tavin and Moreanna share a secret psychic connection. Sometimes, her presence is the only thing that keeps Tavin sane. When a mysterious sickness threatens Moreanna’s life, Tavin’s connection to his sister begins to fade. With the discovery of a magical universe through a hidden door in his grandfather’s attic, Tavin desperately hopes a cure may be within his grasp. “No trespassing” is an easy rule to break . . .

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YA Fiction

Connect with the Author: CJ Gosling

“When I was a child, I had one ambition. I wanted to be an old person with an amazing collection of stories to tell. I remember thinking to myself that it didn’t really matter what I did with my life as long as there was a good story involved.

It is this driving ambition to tell a good story that leads me to do and try unusual things. In no particular order: I’ve worked with street kids, taught mountain boarding, and helped run a sailing camp from the deck of an old wooden sailboat. I’ve busked (and made good money) and lived overseas.

I harvested vineyards by hand in Germany and backpacked with a guitar around Europe. Somewhere in that jumble, I also attended Bible College and received a diploma in Biblical Studies. Not really sure what I will use it for, but it does tend to spice up conversation.

I fell in love three years ago. It was the first time and it was real. I had decided that I would rather be an old lady with a cat (yeck!) than settle for anything less than a perfect love that fills me. I wanted the love that you see in movies and read about in books, nothing less.

I found him. My husband Jason is the only man in this world big enough to contain everything that I am without stifling me. He is also the one who pushed me into a writing career – something that I will be eternally grateful for.

Now I live on Vancouver Island. For the first time in my adult life I have remained in one place for more than a year. I love the quiet pace of life and I savor the simple pleasures of good friends, long walks, fresh baked bread and hot cups of tea. And of course, writing.

And I can’t help but marvel at how long it took me to re-learn what I had figured out in third grade: that the thing I want to do most in life, is tell a good story.”

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