Get Fit 4 Christ by Lyle Johnson

Get Fit 4 Christ

By Lyle Johnson

One of the most popular goals people set for themselves is to lose weight and to become more spiritual. Don’t give up on the aspirations to shed those unwanted pounds and become more refined. Personal trainer, Lyle Johnson, sets out to help people make both of these goals realities. Johnson motivates people to strengthen their spiritual and physical bodies in his book, Get Fit 4 Christ. The book empowers people to take charge of their lives and focus themselves through scripture, prayer and action.


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Meet the Author: Lyle Johnson

Lyle Johnson’s background in competitive athletics combined with his knowledge of personal fitness training make him a force in the fitness industry. Having personally trained hundreds of clients of all ages from all walks of life and with varying body types and abilities, Lyle really understands what most Americans are going through in the fight against fast food, limited time and the battle of the bulge.

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