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Want to learn how to easily optimize your self-hosted WordPress blog and each post you write the correct way?

You will rank your WordPress blog higher and faster when you follow the five easy to implement optimization technics described step by step in the book.

“WordPress Optimization Made Easy” contains five easy to implement optimization technics that you can use on your blog to rank higher and faster in search engines.

The book is divided in 5 chapters with detailed and actionable step by step instructions with screenshots. If you follow the WP optimization technics in this book there is no doubt that you will see more visitors to your blog.

Beginner friendly.

>>> In this book you will learn…

how to easily find your main keyword for each blog post.

how to optimize your blog posts in 21 easy steps.

how to use Sitemaps for Google Webmaster Tools.

how to ping your blog posts the correct way.

how to easily integrate social media in your blog.

>>> About the author

Michel Gerard has been an Internet Marketer for over ten years. He has worked as an affiliate manager, affiliate marketer, SEO, Webmaster, blogger and recently created the IM Study Club to share resources with web entrepreneurs on how to better their presence online.