The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb

Michael Hickland - Genghis

The Guardian of
Genghis Khan’s Tomb

by Michael B. Hickland

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The wisdom of Genghis Khan was manifested in all his accomplishments. He came from one of several nomadic tribes occupying an area of Central Asia plagued by drought. Game had become scarce and farming almost nonexistent. Before becoming the Great Conqueror, he was namedTemujin. His father had been a chieftain of the Kiyad and was murdered by another clan. Temujin recognized early on that the ongoing conflict among the tribes would end badly for all. Strong and ruthless, he was a brilliant military strategist who made the necessary alliances to build a small army. With it he set about conquering each of the warring tribes and bringing them under his banner.


In 1227 the Great Conqueror died. Since then, finding the Tomb of Genghis Khan has been the obsession of tyrants, adventurers and treasure hunters alike. All have failed. It is a Genghis Khan fact that, looking at a map today, he had conquered a geographic area which would include 30 countries and 3+ billion people. The legend says that, in order to keep his tomb’s location secret, Genghis Khan slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of his captives after they had been forced to dig his burial site. He had amassed untold wealth with enormous quantities of jewels, gold and silver from his conquests which is believed to be buried with him.
So why hasn’t his crypt been found in almost eight hundred years? In Michael B. Hickland’s The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb, the Great Conqueror extracts a sacred oath from a special advisor. It binds both this trusted counselor and his family forever to protect the tomb and the most immense treasure ever known…….
Historical Fiction/Genghis Khan’s Treasure 
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