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Ben Peterson_ Wood Gas

Wood Gasifier
Builder’s Bible

by Ben Peterson

Renewable energy
The Blueprint for Total Fuel Freedom


Are you afraid of natural gas fracking polluting the water supply? Do you think fighting wars for oil is pulling our country down the path toward bankruptcy? Well Author Ben Peterson did too, so he created a low cost DIY biorefinery that uses renewable wood waste to make clean fuels. Then he put all of the information into a comprehensive construction manual that shows every day tinkerers how they can get off the grid, lower their impact and save money on their energy bills by making their own organic fuels at home.


Based on a 100+ year old technology that has been refined and upgraded. This is a solution that harnesses the stored solar energy in plants.




About the Author:

Ben Peterson is an award winning innovator and problem solver. His work has been featured in Popular Mechanics magazine, National Geographic and the Clean Tech Open. This book is the result of 7 years and 20,000 + hours of work.