From This Day Forward: Multicultural Romance


From This Day Forward:
Multicultural Romance

by Cassandra Black



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Loretta thought back to the days when she felt pretty; she remembered a younger “her,” when she felt light-hearted and free. But life, household duties, being a single mother, and working her fingers to the bone for over two decades at a job that had been less than fulfilling, had taken its toll on her mind and her body …but not on her spirit, and not on her soul.

She was glad she’d made the move to California — because it was for her. It didn’t have anything to do with anybody else. And, finally, she’d given herself permission to let that be okay.

She loved Bordeaux Valley, a little enclave of Napa County, filled with wine vineyards, a beautiful coastline, majestic mountains, and her childhood friend, Velma Jones.

Nope, she didn’t have one regret about picking up and leaving Detroit to start a new life. And meeting Alonzo Thornton, the handsome Italian vineyard owner –who had the unique ability to make her blush every time he glanced in her direction –had been a wonderful surprise.

But she and the intriguing man get off on the wrong foot when they meet in Baggage Claim in the tiny village airport near San Francisco.

Will preconceived notions keep Alonzo and Loretta from exploring the depths of a fiery mutual attraction?

Or will unbridled passion, stoked by being at similar points in life, be enough to move them in the direction of each other — and maybe in the direction of forever?