2012: Political Self-Righteousness, A Time for Self-Reflection By Frank Coyle

This book defines an independent voter’s view on over fifty issues. Then, it puts all the issues in perspective of the overall problem facing America – the lack of leadership. This book is a quick read. It will bring you up to speed on all the issues of this campaign season. It examines the issues from various vantage points and includes some great out-of-the-box ideas. It also makes our economic conundrum easy to understand. It even offers common-sense solutions to our economic woes.

This book uncovers the real issue facing America – the lack of leadership and the political sport that has caused Americans to despise the “other side” – and even despise other Americans that support the other side. Finally, this book shines the light of the American ideals. It also shines the light on our bright future and how we will get there! It is chock full of insights and out-of-the-box solutions. It should be a must read for our next president! It will definitely make the campaign spin-machines realize that they are out of touch with independent voters.