An Interracial Romance – Flipping The Script

dr_dartson-Flipping_The_Script_Flipping The Script

Featuring Interracial Romance

by Micaela Dartson Hicken


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Tambi Andrews’ world is rocked when she is kicked out of a home she shares with her boyfriend, Richard. Richard wants to make room for another woman whom he feels is more progressive than Tambi. Tambi slowly tries to put the pieces of her broken life back together, and catches the eye of Mark Broussard, a strikingly handsome billionaire. As Richard’s life begins to crumble and Tambi’s flourishes, he desperately tries to win her back. Richard is particularly resentful that Tambi is dating out of her race. When Richard’s efforts to gain her affections prove fruitless, he becomes dangerously obsessed Tambi.


Meet The Author: Micaela Dartson Hicken

dr_dartsonBorn and raised in Dallas, Texas, Micaela Dartson Hicken fell in love with writing while working on her elementary school news paper, “The Crusader.” With an interest in science and a love for literature, she desired to major in both English and Biology Pre-Medicine at Xavier University of Louisiana. With her science labs conflicting with the times the English courses were offered, Micaela majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry, thus earning her BS. Micaela went on to earn her doctorate in Podiatric Medicine at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida and from there, completed her residency at Michigan Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan. Micaela currently practices in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. Micaela created A Little Texas Entertainment Company, LLC in 1999 and has been creating literary works ever since. Aside from writing screenplays and books, Micaela is owner of the film company Two Chix Flix, She also writes with her best friend, Dimitri Logan. The other love of her life is her husband Randy. She has two brothers, an identical twin sister, Dr. Myrna Dartson and four step-children. Micaela is also a member of the Dallas Screenwriters Association.

Connect with Micaela at: Her Website or Twitter.