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Chrissy Fanslau - Life with Jessie Daniels
Life with Jesse Daniels


A Young Adult Romance
by Chrissy Fanslau


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CONTENT WARNING This book contains non-graphic sexual content and some strong language.

Anna Devlin is just your average girl with an average life and eternal bad hair days. Living across the street from her prankster boyfriend, Derek, and his bug-loving brother, Jesse, —who also happens to be Anna’s best friend— life slips from ordinary to chaos when their out-of-control cousin, Greg, moves in. Anna’s in the middle of her own crisis when she realizes she not only has feelings for Derek, but she’s also a little bit in love with Jesse Daniels. Spending the end of the year with parties, prom, and dealing with conflicting feelings, Anna realizes she has to choose between her boyfriend and her best friend before it’s too late. Making mistakes is just part of growing up, but for Anna it could mean losing everyone that matters to her. Life, however, takes a turn for the worse when Greg makes a bad decision which changes the course of everyone’s lives. Will Anna ever be able to own up to her mistakes? Will everyone be able cope in the face of tragedy? And what will this mean for the future of life with Jesse Daniels?

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