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Sometimes karma takes so friggin’ long, you have to step in and handle things yourself. A romantic thriller and major crime read.

by Bestselling Author – Eve Rabi

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Karma can sometimes take so friggin’ long to visit, you have to step in and handle things yourself. Like I did. I fought back and fought dirty. Payback, A FREE book on love, lust and revenge.

 “Revenge, steamy sex, contemporary romance, suspense and drama. Huge drama – how could it not be 5 stars?” Amazon Reviewer


Even though Arena Shaw had two small children, she was determined to escape her wealthy, but abusive husband, Tom. And with some shrewd plotting and planning, she managed to. Blindsided, Tom reacted by cutting off all financial assistance, believing that with two small children, life would get so tough, Arena would eventually return hat in hand to their palatial home.  But even though life was hard, Arena cherished her freedom and had no plans to return to Tom. Within record time, she even found love with a wonderful man called Bear and life became sweet again.  When Tom secretly watched her frolic with another man, he became livid and immediately made plans to take away the freedom she fought so hard for. He would find a way to send her to prison, get full custody of their two children, make her pay for leaving him.  Except that Arena decided to fight back. With Bear’s help, she planned to take on the shrewd and calculating Tom. The result is an explosive, major crime, romantic thriller from Eve Rabi that will keep you turning pages. A free book.

More Reviews:

“I ended up reading 2/3 of the book the night I got it. So captivating and realistic.”
“Revenge, steamy sex, contemporary romance, suspense and drama. Huge drama – how could it not be 5 stars?”
“I’ve read this book four times.”
“This is a love story more than anything else and it was funny too!”
“Excellent, held my attention, eager to find out what Arena would do next.”
“Brilliant. Felt real. Wanted to know more.”
“Revenge can be soooo sweet! Loved it!”
“A cracking good read, has elements of a thriller, although it does contain some sweet romance.”
“A great story, beautiful romance and funny!”
“Wow. Rabi does it again. Fantastic but disturbing.”
“One of the best books I have ever read! And it was a free book too!”
“Best contemporary romance I’ve ever read. Couldn’t believe it was a free book. One minute I was in tears, the next minute I was laughing out loud. I went on to download more books from this author.”
“Not my usual read, but wow!”

NB: Contains strong language, violence, steamy sex scenes.
This book was previously titled You Will Pay for Leaving Me


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Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but was born in South Africa.

She is the author of 25 romantic crime novels and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you cry and make you laugh as you fall in love.

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